Cephos Electronic Circuits ltd

PCB assembly, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards

Printed circuit board specialists for all pcb design, manufacturing and assembly services - contract / sub-contract electronic engineering solutions including component procurement and custom kitting facilities - a one-stop shop for all pcb and electronic manufacturing requirements from prototyping to full box build.


Cephos has been involved with printed circuit board assembly for over 40 years. Our team is expert at all printed circuit board hand assembly...


Cephos can undertake all automated pick and place printed circuit board assembly projects, please do not hesitate to contact us for a cost saving quotation...


With the highest quality and maximum savings in mind, Cephos can offer the very best in competitive printed circuit board prices for any quantity of pcbs...


Cephos can undertake the design process according to your specific requirements and keep you up to date with the development, prototyping and testing.


You might have a requirement for a new pcb design or maybe re-engineer and older printed circuit board; our expertise is at your service with many cost savings...

Prototype to box build

With your project underway, Cephos can assist in the design and build of your prototype to ensure satisfactory operation prior to full manufacture.

Cephos Obsolete Relay Solutions

The Cephos relay modules that are manufactured to take the place of many obsolete signal relays can be found here on the Cephos Relay website.

Through-hole pcb assembly

Our dedicated team of PCB assemblers is able to undertake even the most challenging through hole PCB assembly work with precision, working to the highest standards achievable in the industry. Our customers are assured the very highest quality of workmanship

All of our manufacturing processes are RoHS compliant

Pick and place PCB assembly

Our dedicated team is able to undertake even the most challenging automated pick and place pcb assembly, working to the highest standards achievable in the industry. Our customers are assured the very highest quality of workmanship using state of the art assembly equipment

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a very competitive quotation for your printed circuit board assembly requirements. You will be pleasantly surprised at the potential cost savings in the manufacture of your product.

No pcb assembly quantity is considered too small for quotation, from prototype assembly to full manufacturing printed circuit board production you are assured our very best attention and commitment.

PCB Manufacture

Cephos is able to supply virtually all types of printed circuit board at very competitive prices, from small prototype orders to very large full production quantities. 

For an accurate quotation, send us details of dimensions and specification (or the Gerber / CadCam data) and we will get straight back to you with a no-obligation quotation.

Acting as your electronic manufacturing partner, Cephos can eliminate the problems associated with the ordering and supply of your printed circuit boards, pcb components and pcb assembly, through prototyping and testing to volume production.

Cephos has developed a comprehensive quality control system that monitors every activity within the group.

Our technology and carefully implemented flexible delivery arrangements are in place to serve one purpose – to ensure trouble-free manufacture of your electronic design from prototype to production.

PCB Design

Cephos can lay out a pcb and generate the required manufacturing data for pcb production using the customer’s schematic and layout instructions.

Cephos can also undertake the design the schematic according to the customer’s circuit operation requirements, continue through to pcb layout and generate the necessary data for production through consultation with the customer.

PCB reverse engineering

Cephos can also undertake the duplication or regeneration of an existing old or obsolete pcb where the customer no longer has the Gerber data or PCB artwork and implement any required changes and necessary modifications to the pcb design. These changes can include new footprints for replacement of obsolete components with up-to-date equivalent components.

Older pcbs populated with through hole components can also be considered for re-designing to enable a more cost-effective manufacturing process, often resulting in considerable reduction in unit cost to your Company.

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